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Top 5 Digital Lending Solutions companies In Uk - 2022

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, numerous governments implemented strict lockdowns, shutdowns, and mobility restrictions. In order to prevent the virus from spreading, people now prefer contactless transactions. Most customer relationships revolve around credit, and digitizing it provides major benefits to both banks and customers. Personal loan applications can be submitted with a few swipes on a smartphone, and cash can be availed in as little as a few minutes. Due to legal restrictions, mortgage lending has been known to entail complex procedures and verifications, although banks along with digital lending platforms in many developed economies have managed to automate substantial portions of the mortgage process.

All FinTech services, including lending and general banking, have grown throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Despite having fewer consumers, digital lending platforms have seen rapid growth in users. This is mostly owing to the fact that many individuals and businesses require speedy loan approvals to undertake ventures and keep their operations running in difficult business environments.

To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed solution providers, Financial Services Review Europe has compiled a list of the leading players in the field. This edition also offers a combination of thought leadership insights from subject-matter experts with real-life stories on fostering robust partnerships among C-Suite executives, decision-makers, and CIOs. We hope this edition will provide you with the right guidance in choosing the best digital Lending Platform providers that fit your requirements

We present to you Financial Services Review Europe’s “Top 5 Digital Lending Solutions Vendors in the UK- 2022”.

    Top Digital Lending Solutions companies In Uk

  • Finexos is addressing this problem with an AI-powered end-to-end lending platform called FIOLA® that works based on FCS® Financial Capability Scoring. The company’s solution enables credit providers to penetrate markets where traditional credit scores are unavailable or exclude large market segments. It measures the applicant’s ability to manage cashflow, credit and how they make decisions to calculate affordability and a probability of default. Offered as an end-to-end platform, Finexos’ solution makes it easy to collect, process, and use data to produce up to 5X more applicants. It also supports rapid decisioning and a full range of support tools that provide additional layers of protection and ongoing visibility.

  • Finova


    Whether you are a lender or a broker, with our Core Banking Platform, Broker Platform and finova Connect solutions, we are uniquely positioned to support your business no matter your size or scale

  • Lendfusion


    Lendfusion is a pioneering fintech loan company specialising in tailoring loan software solutions for lenders searching to boost profit and streamline their business operations

  • LendingMetrics


    LendingMetrics is a credit reference agency, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It offers a range of other services including associated credit risk professional consultancy

  • OakNorth


    The OakNorth Credit Intelligence Suite gives banks a 360-view of their borrowers, delivering extraordinary insight, and enabling faster, smarter credit decisions to open up new, profitable markets. It is transforming commercial lending so entrepreneurs can thrive

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